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After graduating in Industrial Design from San Jose State, Jack went to Germany to gain some European design experience working for 'frogdesign'. Upon returning to California he set up and ran The Eikan Group, building product models and prototypes for Apple, 'frogdesign', Xerox, Worlds of Wonder, HP, Peretbilt, and many others. Next, he went to work setting up the first American branch of 'frogdesign' which helped establish a long term design contract with Steve Jobs and Apple Computer.


Deciding to develop and launch his own products, he first designed a few high end table top products that sold in museum shops and exclusive gift shops. Branching out, he then moved into the personal care market, specifically the shaving category under the Hoke2 brand. Seven of the razors have been selected for 'The Smithsonian's Permanent Design Collection' and have received numerous international awards. His Squeeze'n Shave travel razor was voted 'The Most Innovative Tube of The Year' and also received the DuPont Design Award for ‘Innovation and Excellence in Packaging Design’. The Hoke2 'Green Tea and Soy' organically based shave cream was chosen as 'The Best of the Best' by Woman's World Magazine.


He has in-depth experience at all levels of product design and brand development, sourcing, manufacturing, package design, corporate identity, trade shows, working with national broker networks, dealing directly with buyers, brand building from the ground up, and pretty much everything involved in developing a new product and building a brand.


His products have sold in Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Linens'n Things, Museum of Modern Art, Whole Foods, PETA, 'Canyon Ranch' Spa and Inn, and numerous others, both domestic and international.


•  Seven products have been selected for inclusion in ‘The Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection’.

•  The German Design Council awarded our shaving products three Design Plus Awards for 'Excellence in Design'.

•  Squeeze'n Shave travel razor was voted 'The Most Innovative Tube of The Year' by the American Tube Council, and also received the DuPont Design Award for 'Innovation and Excellence in Packaging Design’.

High tech or low tech, the design process remains the same.



Hoke2:  award winning, natural based shaving line. 


The mission of Hoke2 was to develop the most innovative, refreshing, and natural based shaving products on the market.  The big name shaving brands seem to have the view that shaving is a commodity business - and a daily 'chore'.  We started thinking about this and thought shaving could, and should, be a whole lot more than a daily 'chore'.  That's why we set out to create three innovative and naturally based shave themes that are really worth waking up to. 


Retailed in Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Museum of Modern Art, Bed Bath & Beyond, Whole Foods, 'Canyon Ranch' Spa and Inn, and more, both domestic and international.


'Wally' and 'Seemoor' were private labeled for The GAP and The Body Shop.

'Wally' rubber razor and suction-cup hanger.

Included in 'The Smithsonian's Design Collection'.

Received the 'Design Plus Award' - German Design Council.

'Spike' one piece rubber suction-cup shower razor.

Included in 'The Smithsonian's Design Collection'.

'Squeeze'n Shave' travel razor with shave cream.

'Most Innovative Tube of the Year' - American Tube Council.

DuPont Award for 'Innovation and Excellence in Packaging'.

'Green Tea and Soy' organic based shave creams.

"And not surprisingly, in our organic category, Hoke2’s ‘Green Tea & Soy’ Shave Cream was selected as the ‘Best of the Best'.


'Wally' and 'Seemor' fogless mirror - for the perfect shave.

Included in 'The Smithsonian's Design Collection'.

Recipient of the 'Design Plus Award' - from the German Design Council.

Nordstrom full page Father's Day ad.



•  " The Acquisitions Committee loved them and selected all of them for the Museum’s Permanent Collection. "

-  Deborah Simpson Shinn, Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Design.


•  " Impressed with the number of simple yet obvious refinements, jurors specifically cited the razor's flexible ergonomic handle, the clever suction holder that mounts anywhere and the fact that the design is appropriate to the hands of either men or women.  "This is not just a marketing gimmick", said Harden.  "The improvements here are genuine."

- John Harden, IDSA Annual Design Awrad Juror.


•  " Now, of course, the ground-breaking design has been recognized as the ‘Most Innovative Tube of the Year’. " 

-  Tedd Klein, The American Tube Council.


•  '...the most off the wall razors around!  Innovative, fun, and funtional."   The Leader, London.


•  " Cutting edge art.... It actually looks as good as it shaves."   Men's Health Magazine, USA


•  " ...brilliant! "   Elle Magazine.


•  " It's about time someone put a bit of fun back into mundane duties like shaving!  Wicked or what? "  MIZZ Magazine, London


•  " The Americans consider it a work of art.  They have one hanging in the Smithsonian Museum and 1,000 in Day-Glow orange have just replaced the designer tea-kettles in the Museum of Modern Art shop.  At first, the cool matt rubber form and the mysterious embossed letters 'Hok2' suggest another zippy Nippon product, but this is the invention of Californian Jack Hokanson, formerly director at top US design firm frogdesign ( the people who advise Apple and Sony on the look of the future ).

- Lucie Young, ARENA MAGAZINE, London. 




Hoke2:   ‘Pudgy’ and ‘Stinger’ solid aluminum razors.  


Both 'Pudgy' and 'Stinger' are included in The Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection.  They have retailed in Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, Museum of Modern Art, Whole Foods, PETA, 'Canyon Ranch' Spa and Inn, and numerous others, both domestic and international.

'Pudgy' - grab it!


This fat, fun little razor will surprise you.  As soon as you wrap your hand around it, you'll appreciate it's precisely sculpted form.  Machine out of solid aluminum, 'pudgy' was offered in natural, black, and bright purple.

Say hello to 'Stinger'.


This is no run of the mill razor!  Close your eyes as you wrap your hand around it and feel the invigorating curves as they disappear in your palm.  From the tactile feel of the super grip rubber rings, to the full, smoothly rounded body and it's finely tapered tail, 'Stinger' is a ture experience.

Hoke2:  stand-up toothbrush with replacement heads.  


Did you know that there an estimated 650,000 thoothbrushes thrown away everyday in the U.S.?   The Hoke2 was designed from the ground up to be non-disposable, and at the same time more hygenic than conventional toothbrushes.  When the bristles wear out, there is no need to throw the entire brush away, you simply snap in a fresh replacement head.  


This self draining stand-up design of the Hoke2 keeps the brush head from coming into contact with any bathroom surfaces, eliminating any worry of cross-contamination.  This was the first toothbrush on the market to incorporate replacement heads, and a stand up design.

stand-up, self draining handle.

replacement heads.

The first editorial release on the toothbrush was on the front page of the Marketing section of The Wall Street Journal.

"The Innovative design of your brush/mirror system is as impressive as it is practical.  If there was an award for 'Toothbrush of The Year', the Hoke2 would certainly get my vote!"


-  Jim Roth, editor - DENTISTRY TODAY.



"You know, there are a lot of people out there with supposedly good ideas for toothbrushes.  The thing is though that few of them get off their ass and actually bring it to market.  You are to be congratulated."


-  James O' Halloran - co-founder RADIUS toothbrush.



Genesis Biopod:  a new concept in releasing cremains, simple for you - smart for the planet.


The Genesis biopod system was designed with three functions in mind.  The first function is to act as a secure receptacle for the cremated remains of the deceased.  The second function is to act as a mini marine habitat for ocean critters.  And the third is to make this process as simple as possible for the family. 


Included with the biopod, you receive several accessories.  A natural canvas tote bag is supplied to transport the pod to the harbor, then onto the boat.  A 'sharpie marker' is included for family and friends to sign their names or write good-bye notes on the top surface of the pod.  Ten keepsake wristbands are included for guests and family.

"The Genesis Biopod by Jack Hokanson is perhaps one of the most original concepts dealing with death and cremation that we have seen in a long time. Heck, it may be the only one I have seen."


-  Robyn Currie - Trend Hunter.

"I would definitely consider your Genesis Biopod especially elegant, do you understand the huge potential for this!" 


-  Andy Werner, director - National Funeral Director's Association.

textured bottom surface allows for quick algae growth.

once the cremains drift out of the biopod it acts as a mini marine habitat for a variety of ocean critters.

'Willie Jack Limited':  kitchen & bar stool.

Tough and practical, rugged and timeless.


A buddy of mine was redoing his cabin up in California's Santa Cruz mountains and was looking for a rustic - contemporary style stool for his kitchen island. We couldn't find anything that fit the bill, but there was plenty of plywood and rebar on the site, so plywood and rebar it was. After I worked up a few stool samples over a couple of months, the 'Willie Jack Limited' rebar stool was ready. Honest materials and clean modern lines came together.


We could have gone with 1/2" rebar - that would have been 'good enough'.  But 'good enough' doesn't work here.  We went with the 'BIG BOY' .750 inch, number 7 rebar.  That's just the way we roll.


We could have gone with one layer of 3/4" birch ply, but again that just wouldn't cut it.  So, we doubled up and laminated two sheets together for a super strong14 ply hand finished wood seat.  Just what this stool needed.

standard 'Willie Jack Limited' top.

custom engraved with your name.

14 ply, hand finished wood seat.

big boy - .750 inch, number 7 rebar.

link to website:  www.WillieJackLtd.com

Hoke2:  tabletop products.

Meet 'Samurai Tortuga'.


He's quite a guy!  The 'samurai' half of him, which makes him disciplined, efficient, and comfortable with a wide variety of finely honed instruments, originates from Japan.  The 'tortuga' half of him ( meaning tortoise ) comes from Spain and teaches him not to let the little things in life get him down, but instead to relax and enjoy the finer things in life.


'Samurai Tortuga' is here to grace unsuspecting kitchens all across the land.

Jack's Airy Fruitbowl.


Make a statement!  Our stainless steel mesh fruit bowl will look great in any upscale home environment.  Available with either brushed or polished aluminum rings, the industrial functionality of Jack's fruit bowl is quite obvious.


"Created by California designer Jack Hokanson, this metal mesh fruit bowl turns fruit into a work of art - a true collector's piece".

Eclipse Cutlery Holder.


Distinctive simplicity.  The clean, quiet shape of our 'eclipse' cutlery holders provides domestic chefs the perfect way to present kitchen knives at their best.  The understated classic form both enhances and compliments today's contemporary kitchens.


Designed to provide superior performance, the 'eclipse' holders stand vertical, with compact dimensions taking up 60% less counter space than traditional wood blocks, and at the same time allows the knives to rest on their handles and not their blade edges.

The Eikan Group:  product model and prototype shop.

The Eikan Group model and prototype shop built hundreds of mock-ups, form studies, solid finished modes, working models, prototypes, and limited production urethan cast parts.  Equipment in the 6,000 square foot shop included:  CNC mills, Bridgeport mills, lathes, fully enclosed room of wood working equipment, walk in paint spray booth, RTV silicone rubber molding stations, and more.  The shop built just about any kind of project you could think of.


The projects included high tolerance keyboards, monitors, game stations and pre-production confirmation prototypes - to wind tunnel test models, a human powered speed vehicle, bike helmets, large scale trade show models, and quick study product mock-ups.


I was responsible for starting the company, bringing in new accounts to establish a strong client base, and maintaining client relationships by providing great quality projects, on time and on budget. 


Managed a group ranging from seven to ten model makers.  Reviewed and quoted projects with the involvement of the model maker assigned to that project, and managed the scheduling and budgets to make sure projects were completed right, and on time.  Responsible for interviewing and hiring model makers according to experience levels and backgrounds.


Eikan's clients: Apple, Xerox, World of Wonder, Sun Micro Systems, Peterbilt Motors, ‘frogdesign’, Atari, HP, and many others.

The original Giro bike helmet model.

Giro founder, Jim Gentes packed up the model Eikan made, took it to a trade show, and came back with $100,000 in orders. The model proved to big a great asset is selling his helmet concept. After ruturning from the show, he charged into production and Giro Sport Design was off to the races.

The biggest model that Eikan built - an eleven foot tall MacIntosh for an introduction at Moscone Center. A team of six model makers spent three weeks building this model, then crated it up and put it on a semi-truck and off to San Francisco it went.



The real BIG MAC.


EXEL 60 human powered speed vehicle.


From the ground up, Jim Gentes and I built a pedal powered vehicle which competed to set the world's record at the Ontario Motor Speedway.  Olympic speed skater Eric Heiden powered the vehicle to an impress

62 miles per hour.



Logo examples:

Jack Hokanson:  employment history.



Hoke2:  Founder          

1991 – Present       Campbell, CA

Hoke2 was a line of award winning, natural based shower shaving products. The line consisted of rubber suction-cup razors, fogless shower mirrors, travel razors, and organically based shave creams.  Earlier products included high end table top items.

• Management included all aspects of developing and bringing new products to market.

• Market research to find a product niche – what was missing in the category.

• Product design, manufacturing, sourcing, and quality control.

• Management of third-party agencies to ensure parts were received from factories on time, and making sure products were assembled and shipped to customers on time. 

• Formulating organically based shave creams, sourcing ingredients and factories, both domestic and offshore.

• Set up and managed a national sales broker network and made sure they had the marketing and sales materials needed to get the Hoke2 line in front of buyers.

• Responsible for selecting, scheduling, and working national trade shows in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Dallas, and San Jose.

• Worked constantly with the Hoke2 sales reps to learn about any potential market opportunities.

• Familiar with small business management: basic accounting, order entry, commission structures, basic trademark and patent knowledge, and establishing and maintaining account relationships.




The Eikan Group:  Founder          

1982 – 1991      Campbell, CA

The Eikan Group model and prototype shop built hundreds of mock-ups, form studies, solid finished modes, working models, high tolerance prototypes, and limited production cast urethan parts.  Clients included Apple, Xerox, Giro Sport Design, Worlds of Wonder, Atari, Peterbilt Motors, 'frogdesign', and many others.


• Built the company from the ground up.

• Responsible for bringing in new accounts to establishing a strong client base, and maintain client relationships by providing great quality projects on time and on budget.

• Responsible for interviewing and hiring model makers according to experience levels and background. Managed a group averaging seven model makers.

• Quoted and reviewed projects with the involvement of the model maker assigned to that project, and managed the schedules and budgets to make sure projects were completed right, and on time.

• Responsible for building and equipment leasing, and all purchases and vendor relations.



'frogdesign':  Director           

1981 – 1984      Campbell, CA

'frogdesign' is currently one of the premiere creative consultancy companies in the world. I set up the first international office in Campbell in 1981.

•  Initiated the contact between 'frogdesign' and Steve Jobs, which led to a long term contract and helped steer Apple in the great design direction that it has gone.

•  Set up the physical building complete with full prototype shop.

•  Worked on various design projects.

•  Clients included Apple, Sony, Hans Grohe, Louis Vitton and others.


'frogdesign':  Intern         

1980 – 1981     Altensteig, West Germany.

Assisted on various design projects.  Product design, model making, and photography.

Please don't hesitate to email any questions or comments.


Best regards,


Jack Hokanson




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